Revival Groups are a community based experience at Greater Things,  where attendees from similar geographical regions come together to pray and minister to one another, be activated in gifts of the spirit, and receive healing. Each morning, before worship starts, Revival Groups gather together, led by a Revival Leader, who is a graduate from our schools and training programs.

  • Build relationship with a community of like-minded believers. 
  • Receive prayer for physical and emotional healing.
  • Become activated in the gifts of the Spirit.
  • Leave with a vision of heaven for the Kingdom on earth.

“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.” 

– Hebrews 10: 24-25


“The prophecies of our revival group were very encouraging. I had several amazing prophecies that confirmed one another. It was the first time I had prophetic visions and was able to share with the group that seemed to open a prophetic window. I got as much or more from our group as I did from the conference.”


“I received healing from a word of knowledge from my revival group. The first day it was prayed over it was 90% better, then it came back the second day during the group so my group members asked if I wanted them to seal the healing. After that it has not bothered me since and is 95% better and I felt a heat and then cooling sensation when they were praying.”


“My heart leaped with joy because I realized I am not alone. In my geographical area there has been so much division because of the thought that the Spirit is no longer moving in ways of healing, prophecy, and more. After enduring being practically ran out of a youth pastor position I was able to find healing and community during this conference. My wife and I were encouraged and equipped to preach a full gospel back in our community. Prophetic words were spot on for us and we experienced revival. Quite frankly losing church, job, and many segments of community was all worth it to pursue all of the Lord. My wife was also hit by the Spirit and stayed in the Spirit for the first time which was a beautiful thing to witness. Her skepticism was replaced with hope and an intimacy with the Lord.”


“There are so many wonderful moments from this conference for me. My Revival Group leader was fantastic! Her obvious care for the people of God naturally drew her to the people in our group. I am fairly new to the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but she allowed us to “practice” with each other on giving words of knowledge, etc. It was an incredible experience. I gave a couple of words of knowledge that were later given confirmation as being spot on. That truly encourages me and enables me to do it at home. I also felt I had never been baptized in the Holy Spirit. But even as I prayed directly for it, I didn’t feel anything different until I prayed with a couple of other ladies for physical healing for someone. AND THEY WERE HEALED! The power of the Holy Spirit was all over me and I didn’t know. God spoke to me so much over the past week while I was at the conference… I am truly amazed.. I have given words of wisdom to co-workers that normally wouldn’t happen. I am so excited about what God has in store for me!!!”


“I received a healing of range of motion restricted by metal implant. It manifested the day after the conference.  My friend was completely healed who had come in a wheelchair and suffered with pain in her foot for 10 years.No pain and no wheelchair after revival team prayer ! The Holy Spirit was so There and Free to move . I loved it !”



Revival Groups are for individuals who are looking to find community at our conferences and desire to see signs and wonders. At Global Awakening we strive to provide every opportunity to have an encounter with God. We are proud to offer Revival Groups as a way to increase those encounters in a small group setting.

Each attendee is assigned a Revival Group upon registration. Your Revival Group number will be located on the back of your name badge, and Revival Groups are based on geographical location. Each group is led by a Revival Leader who empowers attendees to experience prophecy and activation in healing. All Revival Leaders can be identified by their blue Global Awakening shirts and Revival Leader credentials. Our desire is that everyone comes together as brothers and sisters in Christ, unified under the common goal of seeing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Revival Groups will meet each morning in the lobby, about 30 minutes before the first-afternoon session. If you want more prayer, have questions, or just need an encouraging word, we encourage you to go to your Revival Group each morning!

Attending a Revival Group meeting is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended for a greater conference experience.